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Naming Ceremonies

The beauty of a naming ceremony is that you can design it however you like – there are no legal requirements and restrictions, so it can be fully tailored to your wants and needs.

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Where can we hold a naming ceremony?

Anywhere you choose!

You can choose somewhere special to you and your family. You can even have it at home! Typically naming ceremonies are held in a place of significance, gardens or event venues. However, some more unusual venue choices include. Beaches, The forest, A meaningful spot of natural beauty

You will need to get permission If you would to hold the ceremony in a public space. If you are thinking of holding the ceremony outside, then you might need to consider the local weather and have an appropriate backup in case. For your chosen venue you will also need to consider how you would like it to look; will you be required to bring your own decorations, or will they provide it? There may be equipment at the venue that you can use, but you will want to plan to ensure there is a centerpiece if you would like one, and enough seating if you need it.

We recommend visiting a few venues before making your choice; this is a big decision, and it’s important you make the right one!

The options are limitless and entirely up to you where you’d like to have the ceremony.

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How does a Naming Ceremony differ to a Christening?

How does a Naming Ceremony differ to a Christening? A Naming Ceremony will most often not be held in a church, and they also have the option to either include or omit religious content. Unlike a Christening, they also are not officiated by a priest or a member of the clergy.

A Christening tends to focus on the beginning of a journey of ‘faith’; this means, typically, it will require the family to belong to their local Church. It will involve religious symbolism and certain set procedures in line with the Church of England practices and ‘Godparents’ also must already be christened to qualify to become one.

Naming Ceremonies, on the other hand, are highly personalised and reflect the family and their wishes. They can also be held in any location so you have the freedom to decide where you’d like to celebrate. The focus of a Naming Ceremony is about the child and the hopes the parents have for their future. It is an opportunity to welcome them into the family and celebrate their arrival with loved ones.

Having a Naming Ceremony is a wonderful way to welcome your children into the family – whether they are newly born, step-children or an adopted child – in a setting that is comfortable to you.

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